Эротические клипы Miss Mission Beach Bikini Contest 1992

Miss Mission Beach 1992 in San Diego, California.
Line-up includes Noemi Santana, Dottie «The Body» Bittle, Cathy Carnes, Lauren Hays and Avalon Anders.


1.Jennifer Laskin
2.Lara Vaccar
3.Jacqueline Brown
4.Rashae Werline
5.Barbara Ryan
6.Juliet Holleran
7.Becky Wilkinson
8.Noemi Santana
9.Joel Kelly
10.Juliet Mitchell
11.Shelley Caster
12.Sara Ratzlaff
13.Dottie Bittle
14.Cathy Carnes
15.Sue Ethridge
16.Avalon Anders
17.Lauren Hays
18.Bridgett Silbernagel

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9 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Miss Mission Beach Bikini Contest 1992

  1. Can't wait to get home e watch Cathy Carnes moves… Thanks for uploading

  2. Thanks. Takes me back to my childhood when I used to watch these on the local affliate of the defunct (19 years) N1 haha.

  3. 1990 one was better. The strip tease part of the contest could have ended with bikinis instead of costumes.

  4. I sure miss women of this time. Fun, sexy, feminine and joy to be around. Back then women catered to their Men. Cared about their health and appearance. Were happy to receive male attention and gave CLEAR signs to men they wanted romantic relationships with.

  5. Do you have the contest with a girl dressed as the Tasmanian devil or dressed as the energy rabit???

  6. Who would ever think that these women would give birth to the dumbest liberalized kids in the country? A liberal skank is always a skank. Losers.

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