Эротические клипы Miss Sexy Star — Miss Tiffany’s Universe Ladyboy Swimsuit Contest — Pattaya, Thailand 2015

Miss Sexy Star — Miss Tiffany’s Universe Ladyboy Swimsuit Competition — Pattaya, Thailand 2015

Miss Tiffany’s Universe is the world’s largest transgender beauty contest held annually in Pattaya, Thailand.

The contest is organized by Tiffany’s Show, located in Pattaya, which is one of the largest transvestite cabaret shows in Thailand.

The pageant captures the attention of the south-east Asian kingdom every year and is broadcast live on national television to an estimated 15 million people.

It was launched in 1998 and promotes the country’s tourist attractions, Pattaya as a travel destination, as well as creating a positive image for transgendered people, raising gender awareness and building an understanding of gender diversity.

Winners of the contest often go on to become celebrities, with careers in modelling and television.

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35 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Miss Sexy Star — Miss Tiffany’s Universe Ladyboy Swimsuit Contest — Pattaya, Thailand 2015

    1. +borromeo50 They just look tall but are pretty typical Asian height which ranges from 5'5-5'8

  1. do NOT think cuz i'm a little Japanese teen you can fool me!!!

    FUK U!!!!

    these are WOMEN!!!!

    HOw the FUK can these be Ladyboys?


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    1. Hello Jonathan, it's true, but I admire trans girls, they are people like us, these trans girls need to be supported, well they are beautiful.

    1. Hi Question. Lady boy that means still penic ?, Transgender that means surgery penni already?

  2. Wow ! This is scary because these ladyboys look a lot better than the average 160 lb American woman.

    1. 160lb American female waaahaa no such thing exists the average American broad weighs in at around twice that weight (320lb plus) and looks like a cross between a Patriots Linebacker and a Tight End for fuck sake average American broad my Assssssssssssss your a nation of fat b*st*rds based in what I've seen.
      George C.

    2. The average American woman wouldn't want her boyfriend/husband anywhere near these sexy ladyboys. hahaha

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