40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Miss Teen Swimsuit Competition

  1. Fashion দেখে তো কাম-উত্তেজনা হবেই।তবে fashion দেখায় কেন?

  2. women from the the US are so unattractive. Only girls from Central and Eastern Europe are the best!

  3. i felt sorry for #14 — girl with jean cutoffs. Seemed nervous, wanted to git outta there, and maybe a last minute deal? She was cute! Seemed down to earth

  4. 10:23..quack quack..i just came to announce i gave birth to 4 ducklings.
    Could have used a walking stick to support herself

  5. Okay..what the heck. Why would young girls out of shape with cellulite and fat enter a contest where they would be humiliated by their bodies on stage as some of them were. What stupid parents allowed that?

  6. Dang. Some of them had legs that went clear to the floor. And no artificial extensions.

  7. I wonder what the feminists say about this, seeing as they are banning grid girls in motor racing.

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