40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Miss Universe 2018 — Swimsuit Competition

  1. I still can't get over this edition of miss universe ❤️. This year was best . Thailand did the best job as a host Nation. I have watched the whole show more than 100 times but still can't get over the CONTESTANTS , stage , background music , theme and all other things.

  2. South Africa 9.30
    Vietnam 9.90
    Venezuela 9.95
    Philippines 9.80
    Costa Rica 8.50
    Curacao 8.90
    Nepal 8.25
    Canada 9.65
    Puerto Rico 9.15

  3. OMG Ms.Cat all in one package so beautiful,so sexy ,so intelligent,strong sex appeal,,so what more could you want,she's such a rare woman,,no wonder why she won….i really like Ms.Catriona Gray

  4. The best Host, the Best stage, the stronger contestant of miss univers and the Best miss univers

  5. Aside from Cat I mean can we just really admire Vietnam, Venezuela and Puerto Rico? OMG

  6. Thailand production is one of the most intense all over the Miss Universe it was really impressive❤️

  7. 0:26 when Tamaryn walked down the runway, I saw a goddess! I wanted to kneel down, repent, and pray the luminous misteries of the holy rosary. Her skin tone, her legs, her body, her hair, her face, her aura and the way she worked with that fabric.

  8. I love the confident of queen Catriona but I like the style of the walk of ms Venezuela..

  9. who else hates it when MU gets hosted in the USA i’m from the US and i hate it when they do i like it when they do it international

  10. The best top 10 of a ll best stage Thailand and Philippines should Host miss universe every 2years

  11. La salida de Vietnam me emocionó a mil, esa mujer es bellísima, tuvo que haber ganado ❤❤❤

  12. The best
    1. South Africa, she is really beautiful
    2. Venezuela, a wow body,
    3. Vietnam, excellent catwalk
    4. Puerto Rico did very well
    P.d. Philippines has a very disproportionate body,

  13. bwisit dito yung comentators na black lady na akala.m nmn kung kagandahan .bwisit tong babaeng impakta n ito nakaakgigil.punyeta.

  14. pero nd parin nagoadaig c catriona.kase alam ng diyos n mabuti syang tao.kya nd nagwagi itong black lady na pangit kya nd umusad ang career kade oangit n nga pangit pa ugali hayop

  15. My choices based on walk & face;
    1. Philippines
    2. Canada
    3. Vietnam
    4. South Africa
    5. Puerto Rico
    6. Venezuela
    7. Thailand
    8. Curaçao
    9. Costa Rica
    10. Nepal

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