40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Miss Universe 2019 Top 10 Swimsuit Competition | Miss Universe 2019

  1. The judges did not let Miss USA to enter top 5 because they knew that Miss USA will rock Q and A!

  2. เพลงแรกชื่ออะไรอ่ะ

  3. I feel like there's always something wrong from the beginning of the show until it ended. Camera angles are the worst in history. I can't appreciate the body of each contestant. Are they rushing this?

  4. I loved Puerto Rico and Thailand, I think they had the best catwalk and body worked. And Of course i loved Mexico !!

  5. This Year sucks
    The camera, stage setting, swimsuit literally all… But all this Amazing Girls makes it worthy, other than that its very cheap.

  6. the peru oblique is,…. undefined. speechless….. how could they have that amazing shape….

  7. Puerto Rico is ahead of this batch .
    Thailand is effortlessly gorgeous and Zozi's poses were breathtaking .

  8. Mi parte favorita del concurso, Cuando veo esta parte tengo ganas de hacer cierta cosa pero no les digo cuál pero tal vez más de uno se haya dado cuenta a qué acción me refiero

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