Эротические клипы My first motorcycle bikini contest at Harley Davidson

Made it to my first bikini bike competition hosted by Harley Davidson, I don’t know if my summer body is ready but EVERYONE has their cameras out. I don’t know how bikini competitions and motorcyles are related but maybe by the end of this I’ll figure it out. Anyone willing to participate in my speedo street competition, the male version of the bikini bike competition women are 20% of the motorcycle riding community; nothing sexier then confidence?

Motorcycle rider who motovlogs her adventures on bike or in car, I have no idea what I am doing but lets NOT make the same mistake twice. Now back to riding, RidingBuddies need to apply here:




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24 thoughts on “Эротические клипы My first motorcycle bikini contest at Harley Davidson

    1. @Miami and Merch WTF ever. It was total click bait then because I had no interest watching them. Everyone has their taste and I guarentee you would have done well.

  1. Some dealerships offer photo sessions with photographer a real one not a creeper with a voom lens on his smart phone lol. A few local ones had a pin up contest witch was cool. But mostly it's just for eye candy.

    1. Oh I see, I’ve never seen so many guys vying for photos/ videos that reaction kind of made it feel creepy/ uncomfortable. I wouldn’t mind seeing a professional photo session or a pin up contest, seems more legit lol.

    2. @Miami and Merch yeah unless asked for cell phone pics always seem little creepy. Lol

  2. lol im down to be in a speedo contest. this was cool and be something to work forward to as extra motivation to. it eat extra donut or cup cake lol

  3. Been a minute my sister. I see you shinning. Hope all is good. Not mad at that vid either. Lol. Much love jay

  4. Your so silly shebrew ! You have a better bod then all of them but its about your sexxxy ass on your bike nothing more nothing less ! Get yo ass on your bike girl and stop the madness with this dribble ! And hey NO guy wants to see other dudes in speedos sorry to break it to ya lmatfo !
    Get it together girl ride your dam bike and talk ! Smfh

    1. so back to morovlogging haha gotcha the bike has a temperament meaning it doesn't always want to work when I want to ride. And plus the speedo contest isn't for guys its for all the women riders out there duh. lol

  5. You should be in the next one! You can keep your helmet on if that makes you feel more comfortable lol.

  6. I would definitely do. I just wish there was more effort put into trying to get women on bikes as Riders and not just as accessories.

    1. Yes that’s something we still need to work on however it seems “sex” sells well in the bike marketing world but they don’t understand how that may turn women away from riding if that’s how we are seen as just accessories.

  7. harley has these type of events to drag in the customers. Personally, i prefer the charity rides :) i am getting old :)

    1. Lol I rather a charity ride as well a lot more rewarding that way. But I must admit what a packed house it was

  8. I am a Doctor and I can see that many of the Models suffer from a Disease known as "Noassatall" This Disease normally affects Non Black Females. This can be a Short term or Long term Effect depending Physician Research . If you did enter, you would have changed the Game. I'm just sayin'. Thanks for the Vid.

    1. Bro you are blind. I see lots of ass and those bodies are tight. Someone needs to check you physician's license.

  9. It was so nice meeting you! I’m bummed the interview audio didn’t turn out but you were such a sweetheart!

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