40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы NOPI 2015 Swimsuit Competition Finals — Atlanta, GA

  1. nice swimsuit Bikini (Bra and brazilian thong) I used this model in my holidays in Canary Islands (Spain) My favourite color is black and combination of Purple and Green min 0:42

    1. You gotta watch bikini contests in Russia or Italy or Poland to see pretty women.
      The women here just aren't appealing anymore.

    1. Stan Kakol always thought there was some sexy white girls in Atlanta and this proves it

  2. Amanda so hot she’s had the perfect body l would definitely date her l like that she sleeps naked that is so hot

  3. Hola chica sexy hermosa bonita te quiero mucho mi amorcita te quiero mucho mi amor y micorazo me gusta que linda pierna y micorazo soy Agustin

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