Эротические клипы Nopi Nats 360 video SwimSuit Contest in VR

Great times were had at what might be the Last great NOPI Bikini contest in ATL, Georgia. In it’s Hey-Day, this contest produced actresses and Supermodels and was one of the biggest Contests of it’s type in the world. Since this may be the last one, I thought that I’d send it out in style with a tribute in VR.. 360 video style.. Pls excuse the slightly rough footage as this was produced with a home-made 360 Rig, and I was working out the bugs as I went.. But regardless, for all you NOPI Heads out there, take a moment and reflect on those Fast and Furious times in the heart of the ATL at Nopi Nationals for the last 20 or so years.. Enjoy!

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