Эротические клипы NPC Bikini Competition Suit on a Budget

Hey Everyone! When I started looking around for competition bikinis I was slightly disappointed to find how expensive some of them are. I wanted to make this video to help anyone that is trying to find a competition bikini, but that might be on a budget. Competing can get expensive so anything to cut down on the costs is very helpful! Here are some links to the websites I have personally used and others to some I thought might be helpful. I have never rented a bikini, but I know someone who has an had a good experience with it. Hope this helps! :)

To Purchase a Competition Suit:
(What I used)

(She also has a shop on etsy)

To Rent a Competition Suit:
Rent Suits:


(I recommend not going below 8mm for stone size- 12mm,16mm,18mm,20mm , 24mm & 30mm are ideal and not going any bigger then 30mm. Also, I used flatback rhinestones, but you can also use the hotfix if you have a tool- I just wasn’t sure how well they would hold up on the type of fabric mine is made out of)


Thanks for watching!

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40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы NPC Bikini Competition Suit on a Budget

  1. Holy moly lady, you are so talented I ordered mine yesterday and bit the bullet.. I did not have enough faith in myself to rhinestone it!

    1. +Cooking Is Pun Omg I LOVE it! So gorgeous. And videos and pics never do them justice so it's going to be so awesome when you get it. Especially with your blonde hair…i's going to pop so much on stage. Are you going to do blue highlighting to match? I bet you look amazing in it and once you get it it'll make it so much more real too that you are getting on stage. Can't wait to see it on you! :)

    1. +Krista Kuchenbecker Its really not bad! The first stone you put on is a little nerve-racking because you don't want to mess it up, but once you get going its fun.

    2. +Elena Michelle Ok I am doing it! How many crystals should I order? I want it REALLY sparkly! :)

    3. +Krista Kuchenbecker I have over 1600 on mine and its very blingy! What color are you going for? :)

    4. +Elena Michelle I'm not sure. My suit I picked is cranberry… Maybe some purple and clear? What do you think? I need your help :)

  2. Omg! I could not have found this video at a better time! I am going to be competing for the first time in a few months and the search for bikinis had been more difficult because of my budget! Thanks so much for all the tips!!

  3. Great great video! You are amazing! I also bought a blue bikini for my upcoming show.. and I plan to do the rhinestoning just like yours and how many did you have to order?

  4. Great video,  what are the sizes of stone you use, I really like how the smaller ones look when added to the AB and how many smalls….thanks!!!

  5. This is so dang helpful!!! I think this is what I'm going to do. I have thought the suits were outrageous.

  6. HI there! Did you see any difference between using the gemtac or the E6000? I have had stones fall off of my own suit before… but I don't know what kind of glue she used. I am stoning a friend's suit and have bought the E6000 but not started yet.

  7. Your bikini looks incredible! Thank you for the video, I'm definitely considering blinking my own one up, might have to practice on a cheap on first though xxx

  8. Hey girl thank you so much for this video! Im about to order my rhinestones but im not sure what sizes i should get i want a very similar pattern to the ones you made. Which ones did you pick and what would you recomend? Thank you so much again!

    1. I used a bunch of different sizes. The smallest I recommend going is 9mm because any smaller you don't really see and the biggest 24mm because other wise they are just way too big. I think a few different sizes look awesome but it depends what design you are doing. I think my next suit I'll do all the same color and one size…either 12mm or 16mm.

    1. I do if you plan on wearing the bikini a few times. They sparkle more then others I've seen and I've washed my suit with them on it after my shows and they still sparkle just as much. :)

  9. Hi, your video was so helpfull thankyou! What size clear and what size of the colored stones did you use? thankyou

  10. For your blue suit did you order 2 different blues? I'm thinking of doing this for a blue. Thankyou

  11. I asked because I'm stoning a suit for my progress photos and I put 7mm on mine but they look so big compared to the teeny ones you added later in your video.

  12. Thank you for this! I am just beginning to look at suits and I was a bit surprised at the potential cost involved. I haven't picked my first show yet, so I I will have lots of time to practice my arts and crafts skills with cheaper materials until I feel comfortable using a real suit and crystals. Thanks again and all the best.

  13. Are the rhinestones touching when you glue them on or do u leave a tiny gap? I bought a bikini with some stones on and as soon as u touch it the stones ping off so will be glueing them back on & adding more on myself and never done it before.thanks

  14. I just ran across this video! I am just starting to prep for my first show (I am vlogging a series in case you wanted to check it out), I am in college so saving money is INCREDIBLY helpful! Thank you!!!!

  15. Thanks for your video I was wondering tho, do you have any info on the connectors for a suit?

  16. You should purchase the Crystal Ninja tool. In a dance mom so I bling out alot of my daughter's costumes. It really helps so you won't have to use your fingers. Beautiful job!

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