Эротические клипы Pokemon WTF Moments (S01E18) | BEAUTY AND THE BEACH | Banned Bikini Contest Episode

Pokemon Season 1 Episode 18 — Beauty and the Beach! Today we’re looking at the WTF Moments for Episode 18 of the Pokémon Anime, called Beauty and the Beach! In this episode Ash, Misty, Brock get into some trouble in Porta Vista, accidentally damaging an old man’s boat, and Misty enters a Bikini Contest to try and win money to help fix it. This episode was banned for it’s emphasis on Team Rocket’s James wearing inflateable breasts!
Pokemon WTF Moments is a series where I critique the Pokemon Anime and point out a bunch of the goofs, gaffs and bizarre lore breaks throughout each episode. It’s all just for fun though, so please try not to take it too seriously!

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40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Pokemon WTF Moments (S01E18) | BEAUTY AND THE BEACH | Banned Bikini Contest Episode

  1. 1k likes!! Finally, every episode should have this many, actually every episode should have more. I hope this series gets more popular. This is the best series ever!!

  2. Although I do agree on the whole ten-year old girl fanservice being wrong, I also feel like some people are maybe over reacting. Afterall, wearing a swinsuit of any kind on a beach is perfectly normal, and even the male characters are "half-naked" as well, so I don't really see the problem.
    In fact, I always find it a little odd that as soon as a female character loses just a bit of her clothing, people instantly start shouting "Fan-service" and getting upset, but when a male character loses a bit of his clothing, for some reason, no one seems to react at all.

  3. Hey liam, just a quick question here because I was curious, lol but are you going to do a wtf moments for the pokemon fire red and leaf green origins special, or the movies/ other specials? Like i said just curious lol

  4. I found this series because my little brother would not stop playing it and since I've been watching Pokémon since I was a child, like younger than Misty child, this series is hilarious to me 20 years later. Love your humour, love the things you take issue with and how you cheekily challenge the progressiveness of a series from the 90s.

  5. Now looking at that eppsoide as an adult liam im supriesd they didnt hang the writers voice actors and everyone working on that eppsoide a underage Misty wtf liamthats a light remark but wayto keep ur loal adunices intertaind keep it up

  6. It's oké dog bcs sche is a car-no point 1 it's animé which is kinda cartoon but not raely point 2
    010101010010101010101010100101010110100120sche f*cking 10 kk

  7. 2:38 If you think that's bad, you should see the Japanese version. It's just as bad. Also, have you SEEN Deliah?

  8. its the same logic of oh well this little girl is actually a 300 year old dragon, these people are also eternally youthful, at that age no one looks like that anyways its just an arbitrary number attached to identify with the kids.
    I would absolutely love to see what you think about the manga, its incredibly dark and pokemon die all the time, which makes sense cause they are using deadly moves on each other lol

  9. yeah…..what were the writers thinking when hey did this episode? I'm glad they banned it,and since 90% of it was edited out in the english version,it should have just stayed banned,no english version at all,just ban the entire episode

    1. She was never 14,she is 10 years old she even mentioned her age in the japanese version.

  10. I have never understood why in so many anime they sexualize young girls (and boys). I know cuteness is trendy in Japan but to have pre-teen girls wear revealing clothes and older men harassing them (Bulma and Master Roshi from Dragon Ball) is just insane!

  11. 1:05
    my uncle: eww who would be attracted to her

    sure she's cute but who would date someone in the double digits

  12. Well, actually Liam, you forgot that Pikachu originally went on the boat according to Brock.

  13. I used to fancy her as kid and then I realised I was gay as I got older… don’t know what that says about me like

  14. I wonder how many people responded with "WE GET IT, SHE'S TEN" every time Liam brings it up?

  15. I don't mind cartoon fanservice like if you like a cartoon character neat. You do you…been there tbh, but yeah not a 10 year old child… that's not ok… and maybe not in a kids cartoon either cause nooo?

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