Follow along my first bikini competition show day! This includes all the behind the scenes fun along with alot of raw moments.

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22 thoughts on “Эротические клипы SHOW DAY | FIRST BIKINI COMPETITION | NPC

  1. So very proud of you! I told you that you had it ! Congratulations on 4th place for your very first show! Glad you enjoyed your amazing meal and then going somewhere else to get dessert lol! Have fun scrubbing off that really dark tan!

    1. Bina's Life ahh thank you so much!! Loving your videos as well! Your channel is growing so quickly!

  2. Good job woman! You did awesome and looked great! I'm up next, wish me luck!! aaahhhh lol

    1. Sarah Null you’ve got this babe!! Can’t wait to see how your show goes! And thank you so much ❤️

  3. HI Kendall, I'm from France, YUMMY Foods channel from all over the World, Please join my channel & subscribers :) Thanks Kendall…. Fab.

  4. You did so well and looked so beautiful! I really think you should’ve placed higher but 4th is still so amazing! Good job girl! Ps i loved the editing:)))

  5. when you need some more lifestyle fitness vlogs, i got you cause this was sick! keep it up

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