40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы Spring Break Hot Body Brazilian Booty G-String Bikini Contest — HD Part 3

    1. Camera man is definitely guilty of racism he immediately focused on the nonblack ladies and completely ignored the black female, camera man need to understand all the women had a rough job showing there bodies and they should have gotten equal camera shots

    1. +Tim Penfield None of that. it's just that you may be starting to like guys…just kidding.

    2. very funny, im a germophobe, impossible for me to like guys. so this is recent? damn i gotta get to florida, been to egypt, france, greece, now live in LA. I can tell u for sure, most chics out here DO LOOK LIKE GUYS COMPARED TO THESE BABES. 2014?@CoolFM

    3. +Tim Penfield Yes, you are right, this has to be from at least 2004 or 2005, I searched about Heather McQuigg, the last girl, and she already starts to look aging in 2006 pictures, but here she looks about 21 or 23 more less.

  1. Have you ever noticed the kind of bird that says "Why would any woman want to do that kind of thing? I think it's demeaning! I'd never do that!" They're always right fat ugly Munters, so thank god you wouldn't do it. Nobody wants to see your grey sweaty lumpy body anyway! LOL..

  2. 2:06 This girl in YELLOW THONG is, FOR SURE, the most beautiful one! Wow! What a hot body! I guess I've fallen in love! — gilbertoLehrer FROMbrazil

  3. No need to wear any thing any more boys and girls love sex and be naked but we are so stupid feeling shame. I will make group call it naked. And will be free to do what ever want. How agreed with me

  4. These young females will be pounded heavily in their backdoor by rich men and they will make big money. Girl power at its best

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