Эротические клипы St. Patrick’s Day Bikini Contest — Florida

Some highlights from the St. Patrick’s Day bikini contest in Florida put on by TBA productions. 17 Hot contestants compete on St. Patrick’s Day at Winner’s Circle Bar & Grill in Lakeland, FL. Read more about TBA productions here:

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40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы St. Patrick’s Day Bikini Contest — Florida

  1. Jennifer and Shayla, DAMN : )
    The rest of you girls need to know that cellulite ain't sexy.

  2. 14, hands down. Face is nothing to brag about, and a little bit of cellulite on that ass, but that is an amazingly proportional body. You couldn't sculpt one out any better than that. Can you frickin' believe those legs?

    And her tits are real! And no trashy, distracting tattoos to fuck up the landscape. Yay!!

  3. Wait, I thought 'objectification' was bad??? Why are these women promoting it? Shame on them!

  4. omg i loved when the dude said you wont beleive she had 2 kids!!! and some dude yells booo

  5. and wtf is up with white chicks now having great asses lol these young chicks are popping out great nowa days haha used to see these contests like 8-10 years ago n there were maybeee 2 chicks with a great ass now its like 2 with out an ass

  6. yOwEE! Some of the girls are straight up man candy! I want to retire to an island with 3 or 4 of them. The best I've seen of PrimeCutPro!

  7. im from Saudi Arabia and we do not have these kinds of shows, but I wanted to know, after this show can you buy the girls? how much are they? will they fly back to Saudi Arabia with me for $100,000?

  8. HAIL CAESAR ! ! ! I would take five of these beautiful women all at the same time altogether.

  9. A las mujeres les encanta provocar a los hombres con su erotismo y sensualidad, para luego acusarlos de frescos, acosadores, y atrevidos….eh!

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  11. There were more love making than there would be a whole lot less dying with these beautiful women.

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