22 thoughts on “Эротические клипы String Bikini Contest

  1. Really sad that they have a 2-3 tier system in AC now a days Buck a loooooongtime a go it was 1 price for all of them

  2. What can be said for sure that all these 24 women clad in sizzling hot bikinis looked to me as if they belong to any brothel houses.

  3. jua jua jua … y despues quieren igualdad de genero ??? ja ja ja son solo carne para venderse ! and then they want gender equality ??

    1. Lot of potential Nobel Prize recipients in that lot, no doubt. Such a waste of untapped potential.

  4. Such a damn shame they allow themselves to be subjected to sexual exploitation by lecherous white male sex tourists.

  5. Filipinays are the only southeast Asian women overrepresented in amateur porn with numerous foreign and domestic adult websites devoted to them

  6. There's nothing lower in life than for U to reduce urself or be reduced to showing ur nakedness in public. Never allow anyone to fool u into exposing urself in public. Matthew 5:27-28. Genesis 3:21 . Psalm 45:13, 14 and Revelation 19:8 . Genesis 9:20-27; Leviticus 18:6-18 . Isaiah 61:10 .

    1. jesussaid , why is a bible thumper making their way to videos like this? Sounds like some backsliding. Enjoy the ride.

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