40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы The International Bikini Team Summer Kickoff Bikini Contest

  1. These girls are pretty, but they could never be actual models.

    1.) They're not tall enough
    2.) They're attractive, but don't have the right 'look'

  2. que afortunado el que tiene mujeres asi, mi vida es una porqueria solo se me aparece cristo en todos lados pidiendo adoracion con el cuento de que debo ser humilde y se me aparece como unos negros en camionetas toyota, ojala me vaya de esta vaina pronto esto es una ladilla, este dios de la pobreza que es cristo, de seguro los que viven en estos paises con estas mujeres son bien felices, los envidio, todas ellas estan bien buenas

  3. #1 Kristen & Rachel # 6 — that's all ya need  !!   ;P
    And turn the sound down….
    The.. uh… 'music'… is dreadful and the announcer (?!?) is dressed like a floor manager at the Holiday Inn and sounds like a telemarketer… YEESH !!

  4. 3 way run-off between 1, 6, 7.  with # winning a tight contest…#1 just has got genetics for the win.

  5. #7 had the win for me mm mmm with 1 next, then 6 then 4. But those top 5 were my top 5 picks too

  6. in florida one of the women won a 500 dollar first place prize and put it in her bra cup. that was nice.

  7. Nice ladies! I have The Miss Twin Peaks National Bikini Contest from the Bomb Factory stage Dallas 2018 with 81 contestants You Tube Channel Rockinmusicrons Events and shows also songwriters You Tube Channel Rockin-74 Ron

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