Эротические клипы The Ms. No Swimsuit Contest — Matt & Bianca

In this episode, we interview Shawn & Becky. Becky was the winner of this year’s Ms. No Swimsuit Contest at Hedonism in Jamaica.

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22 thoughts on “Эротические клипы The Ms. No Swimsuit Contest — Matt & Bianca

  1. Would you guys ever do a "icebreaking" video when meeting a first-time couple? Nothing beyond the initial meeting period, obviously, but I feel a video of normal people going through an extremely nervous and potential stressful situation would be helpful to many.

  2. could you guy make a tour video of one of the swinger club when the club is empty and the viewer's that never been in a swinger club what it look like inside and tell the viewer's what room is what and the room where they meet at and the rule of the club, things like that.
    I'm asking this because I never seen one before.

  3. Hedonism II was originally Negril Beach Village, the II is an acknowledgement of NBV. Hedo III had a naked water slide which looped through the disco, I hear.
    At Negril, you bought sharks' teeth & used them to get drinks at the bar. I booked a trip there, but it was Hedo when I arrived, so I got free drinks, which was not originally included.

  4. This is the the first interracial couple I've seen on these videos…my question is are they common in the lifestyle or kind of infrequent…? Just curious

    1. Hmm..I think yes and noo….You can prolly figure alota reasons why you wont see many couples like.this ….Just plain 'ol common sense will get you there…Plus, you gota figure how many wanna be "interviewed" and have their face and name plastered all over the internet for the world to see FOREVER!!!!…sooo…..

  5. Why don't you guys do these videos on xHamster where you can be far more explicit, nude, and naughty.

  6. Anyone know which year's contest Becky was in? Was it 2016? Anyone know which organization she represented in the contest?

  7. My wife only has thong and g-string bikinis that do NOT leave much to the imagination. She is an exhibitionist and very sxually submissive. She wasn't this way decades ago, but has enjoyed the touch and feel of other men and women and has realize she is a very hot sensuous woman. She always asks me to approve what she wears out in public or to parties. As for me — she makes me leak just looking at her. We are more into sex now than when we were in our 20s……HAHAHA

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