Эротические клипы TRUTH: Crazy Rebound, After Bikini Competition Diet | Gaining 12kg Weight in 8 WEEKS

My story and how I lost the weight post bikini competition REBOUND. Reverse Dieting & Metabolic Damage

00:34 My story/experience
1:39 What causes the rebound
4:31Where I am now
5:41 How to avoid having a rebound post show/diet
11:40 ‘Metabolic Damage’
13:10 ‘Reverse Dieting’
13:35 What happens next

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40 thoughts on “Эротические клипы TRUTH: Crazy Rebound, After Bikini Competition Diet | Gaining 12kg Weight in 8 WEEKS

  1. Injuries do the same effect……sometimes I'm just asking myself if it's worthy training and stay on track that much because in few weeks all the work done seems never been done and you look worst that someone that never hit the gym.

  2. I always assumed people who did competitions worked out at the same high level all the time. interesting

  3. In my opinion it is like seeing a person, that just lives for competiotion and I think it should not be your lifegoal to look good

  4. omgg u read my mind seriously i gained 25lbs in 2 months from a depression pill i feel like compleat crap

  5. Metabolic damage happened to me, after months of dieting and exercise I lost no weight, I gained it

    1. Samantha J have u down any research on it? look up Layne norton, I’m fine now and lost the weight but I had to give my self a break from diet and exercise for a while.

    2. Angela Archer I agree that it’s not about diet, it’s about changing your lifestyle but if you were eating less than you were putting out consistently and eating decently you would’ve lost weight. I’m assuming you were yo-yo dieting, where you diet on and off and it’s not consistent. It’s just facts and she literally says this in the vid

  6. Meat and vegetables is a low carb, high protein diet. Body cells are forced into a un natural state to generate energy. The body cries to the brain for carbs!
    Then the binge happens and the body says, store this for future famine.
    She did every thing wrong and still doesn’t understand because she says don’t skimp on protein.
    Whole food, plant based, calorie adequate diet is the only long term answer.

  7. Total mind f**k and it does really mess w your metabolism.. I guess some people can handle it better mentally but a tough spot

  8. You look great.. its amazing with weight or the body you wanted… your girly cute face looks great after the weight.. and younger..
    Health wise not sure.. great going..

  9. I have been doing bodybuilding for 4 years. I have done 4 seasons of competing and done 12 shows. I have received pro status in figure in the different federations. This sport is not for everyone. I compete at 52kg and I sit at 58kg off season. I get down to about 8% fat (figure we have to be more lean then bikini girls) I have never been lower than 1200 calories and have not done any cardio for any shows. I also do powerlifting and have competed at 52kg. (Squatting 140kg and deadlifting 145kg) You need to have a love for the gym, love for training, and the competitions should never be the end goal. I have never had problems off season because not much changes in my training. The only difference is I have more calories off season. The way I train, the intensity, nothing changes. But I love to train and competing on stage is never the end goal. Girls need to know-

    Don’t do this sport if all you want is a plastic trophy and some ‘hot pictures’ or u will never sustain a healthy balance on or off season.

    1. That's pretty impressive and it's great you are so passionate! May I ask if you ever became amenhorric at such a low body fat? It's quite common in competitors but not everyone gets it! And wow, your DL weight at 52kg is amazing! Well done!

  10. But also… WHY were you eating 1200 kcal with 2 hours of cardio at 54kg? There should be no need for something so drastic

  11. I think you should live your life and love your life. i wish i can have a body that can qualify for competition but i dont want to compete. I jus want to keep working out and getting strong

  12. Great video, thanks. Eating well and being aware of what you have is paramount. Also having a bit of a spoil is too. Thanks for clearing my mind a bit more on when to eat.

  13. That's why I will never compete in figure competitions. It's unhealthy and it"s so fast as a preparation.

  14. Gain weight or lose weight it’s not hard.You just need to want it.To gain weight just eat what ever you want multiple times per day ,which isn’t good so best to eat as many calories as you can within a 2-4 hour window per day.If you want to cut just do a 48 hour fast minimum,limit your fluid intake but add salt to your fluid,then do an hour in the sauna again limiting the fluid always keep it at a deficit,then sit on that deficit while coming out of the sauna of your body while attack the fat on you,just lay down and do nothing if possible for at least another 6 hours till you regain energy.If you want to eat just keep the carbs to a minimum and have a 500 kcal limit.if you keep doing this you will lose weight so fast it will make people’s head spin and keep your strength in the gym.This is from Cole Robinson.He is a god

  15. Bodybuilding is all about cycling, cutting, bulking, recomping… but you need time away to get your metabolism back to a normal persons! What you experience every time you compete is completely normal, but one rule I always have is EVERYTHING in moderation, eat cake but don’t go crazy… keep going girl… you are one of the best the UK have.

  16. Is it just me or was your accent changing throughout the vid… American, English, Irish… I think….

  17. I think it's good to learn about reverse dieting before you even think about competing

  18. Sweetheart I don’t understand what
    54KG means .
    They never told us that in School .

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