30 thoughts on “Эротические клипы WWE Smackdown 2003 Sable Bikini Contest Full Segment HD

  1. God wish I could be dawn marie's chair for the rest of my days… fucking love her ass!!!!! What an underrated beauty how she never won a bikini contest I really think its cuz Tori was more light skinned granted shes a beast I see no other reason for dawn to alwayd lose.

  2. I'm not lesbian but the way Sabel was looking at Tori while she was grinding on her was hooOooOoOt

    1. Me either but when tori was making out with sable while both were wearing g-strings was hawttt

  3. I used to beat my bishop all the time to these ladies.. my Johnson never got a chance to rest lol

    1. @Ancient Knowledge lol.. only if I could turn my humor into getting one of these fine pieces of ace

    1. Sable was definitely the hottest of them all. Jim Cornette thinks she's a whore and that Sunny was the better looking one. Never in a trillion years. NEVER!. Sunny was nice looking back in her prime. But back then she was the girl next door compared to a walking wet dream that is Sable.

    2. @ahmar ali Torrie is a Pamela Anderson special. She has a face like a melted Welly (Wellington Boot).

  4. Sable is pure sex on legs. If she'd let me stick it anywhere. But I'd first have to slap a baby. Consider that baby slapped already.

  5. Sable, Tori Wilson, Stacy Keibler, Jaqueline, Trish Stratus, Deborah, Marlena, Sunny (yeah even her)…yummmmmm…those were the days….

    1. Sunny in the 90s was my favorite. As she got older she didnt age well but in her early 20s she was a bombshell that even beat sable or trish.

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