Private Life Of Wanda Curtis / Частная жизнь Wanda Curtis(2002)

Private Life Of Wanda Curtis / Частная жизнь Wanda Curtis(2002)Private представляет вам лучшие сцены Wanda Curtis. Наслаждайтесь!

Год выхода: 2002

Жанр: Cumshots, Anal, Cumshot in Mouth, Multiple Cumshots, Blowjobs, Gangbangs

Выпущено: Private

PRIVATE brings you the very best moments of Wanda Curtis in this selection of her finest frenzied moments of fucking. Enjoy the very best of these memorable moments gathered together for the first time in this special collection dedicated exclusively to the wicked Wanda.

The locations take us from Venice to the Costa Brava to 11,000 metres above the earth in a military jet plunging in parabolic freefall dive to create a zero gravity environment with Wanda ever present talking us through the action from scene to scene as she relates in her own words her rise to stardom at PRIVATE.

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