Realities 1 / Реалии 1(1991)

Realities 1 / Реалии 1(1991)Когда Zane бросил вызов Ashlyn Gere, чтобы насладиться ее сокровенными фантазиями, то ответ был, скажем так, самый восторженный. Но то, что происходило дальше, превзошло наши самые смелые…

Год выпуска: 1991
Страна: USA
Жанр: Feature, Straight, Classic
Продолжительность: 01:23:39
Перевод: Отсутствует
Русские субтитры: нет
Режиссер: A.J. Lane
Студия: Zane

В ролях: Ashlyn Gere, Trixie Tyler, Buck Adams, Hank Rose, Julian Rose, Julian StJox, Marc Wallice, Sean Michaels, Scott St.James, Tom Byron

Описание: When Zane challenged Ashlyn Gere, the most highly charged sexual animal in adult video, to indulge her innermost fantasies, her response was, shall we say, most enthusiastic. But, what resulted surpassed even our deepest expectations. It seems that this sultry lady has an imagination matched only by her insatiable sexual appetite. Join Ashlyn on a non-stop roller coaster through her devilish psyche, from her first-ever anal experience, to an incredible romp with a strapping black stud, and culminating in a mind-blowing bachelor party, where she provides the oral entertainment for eight rowdy guys. Remember when they just jumped out of cakes? Once you and Ashlyn have caught your breath after an unprecedented 14 climatic eruptions, you’ll be grateful that she made her fantasies….Realities! It’s the Ashlyn you’ve only dreamt of. Really.

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